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Precise flatbed cutting plotters with double tool carriage

Die cut, half cut, creasing, drawing, perforating – the universal digital flatbed cutting system by Graphtec provides them all.

Data Management via barcodes and working with an usb-flash memory. At Print & Cut projects the cutting data is chosen from the flash memory directly by reading the barcode printed on the media. This prevents from the usage of wrong data and increases productivity.

The automatic and revolutionary registration mark sensing system ARMS 6.0 allows perfect contour cutting by reading the registration marks with the integrated optical mark reading sensor. The system in combination with Cutting Master 4 also enables cutting and creasing from the back site of the material. This allows perfect creasing results without damaging the printed image.

This model fixates the media with electrostatic suction.


FCX2000-120ES features

  • digital servo motors
  • media fixation: electrostatic
  • effective cutting area: 1200 x 920 mm
  • double tool head
  • max. cutting speed: 400 mm /s
  • max. cutting force at tool 1: 500g
  • max. cutting force at tool 2: 1000g
  • mechanical resolution: 0,0025 mm
  • connectivity: RS-232C, USB 2.0, Ethernet (10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX)
  • Command languages: GP-GL / HP-GL
  • Size including stand: 1934 x 1409 x 930 mm
  • Weight approx. 99 kg
  • 24 months guarantee

Included accessory:

  • Stand including roll media holder
  • Blade holder for 1,5mm blades (PHP35-CB15-HS)
  • 5 supersteel blades (CB15UB-5)
  • USB-Cord
  • Power-Cord
  • Loupe (PM-CT-001)
  • Pen
  • Penholder (PHP31-Fiber)
  • PlugIn Cutting Master
  • Standalone software Graphtec Pro Studio